Virtualization is necessary and vital: In order to utilize the latest in cost saving, reliability and supportability technologies, you must have some form of virtualization strategy  

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of your resources and applications. Through the use of virtualization solutions, you can empower your IT resources to respond to business priorities faster and more efficiently. However, an effective virtualization strategy requires a thorough understanding of the current IT environment, consideration of the impact of data center consolidation beyond the server layer, and a complete understanding of how IT serves a particular business – today and into the future. Years of experience with IT Infrastructure, SAN/NAS storage, IT Consulting, and High Availability Data Center support, Vilis Systems offers an unmatched understanding of what it takes to optimize the virtualization opportunity.

How do I benefit from virtualizing?

The primary benefit of Virtualization is that it enables you to operate your computing resources in an organized, consolidated fashion – saving you money by leveraging existing IT equipment and resources. benefits of using Vilis Systems for your Virtualization Solutions include:

  • Reduced Cost, immediately and over the long term
  • Greater utilization of each asset
  • Less complexity to manage
  • Consistent system builds to manage reducing variability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Decreased utility costs, such as for power and cooling
  • Elimination of legacy hardware
  • Improved Efficiency through Standardization
  • Faster provisioning of new capabilities
  • Optimized Process Improvement and Manageability
  • Organizes disparate IT environments, such as after a merger and acquisition M&A
  • Enables Simplification or “Complexity Reduction”
  • Supports IT maturity models
  • Reduces sprawl
  • Greatly eases security and regulatory compliance

An effective virtualization strategy will mitigate risk while expediting Return-On-Investment (ROI). The Vilis Systems Virtualization solution process is to first develop a roadmap for enterprise consolidation and virtualization – as well as detail the steps for building the business case to rationalize it. The Vilis Systems assessment process identifies fiscal and organizational challenges and risk, and culminates in a detailed technical approach. This technical approach includes recommended methodologies for assessing viable data center consolidation and virtualization management targets, assessing the impact on a central data center, and the impact on IT from a management and process perspective. When executed in a properly cohesive way, virtualization positively impacts backup and recovery, storage management, networking, server management, and high availability. Vilis Systems ensures that you leverage every virtualization service technique, so that you will be well on the path to world-class Disaster Recovery.

Vilis Systems Virtualization customers typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating resources. That’s at least half off your current IT costs!

Virtualization is more than merely leveraging physical assets. Vilis Systems Virtualization addresses every relevant aspect of efficiency, integrating staff, process, and environmental considerations into the overall objective:

  • Virtual Data Center
  • Data Storage Virtualization
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Database Management
  • E-mail Archiving
  • Data Backup
  • Virtualization Management/Monitoring Environment
  • Expert Staff
  • Virtualization Service & Support Contracts