Vilis Systems Storage Consulting services exist to aid your changing data storage requirements and data management needs. Whether you need to add more storage, a backup strategy, or plan on changing your entire infrastructure – Vilis Systems can help.

Sometimes determining what the best solution is to meet your needs can be complicated. Our solutions architects will analyze your situation and your new requirements in depth in order to formulate a plan that will determine:

  • Necessary storage infrastructure to meet your new requirements
  • Classification/categorization of data for storage tiering
  • A disaster recovery plan
  • Data protection processes and improvements that will be the most beneficial


Realize Your SAN’s Full Potential
A poorly implemented SAN has very little value over direct-attached disk. Vilis Systems offers SAN consulting to help you fully utilize your SAN. Don’t throw more infrastructures at the problem until you’ve talked with one of our solution architects and we’ve helped you diagnose the underlying issues.

Stay a Step Ahead of Disaster
Vilis Systems offers 24/7 disaster recovery support to get you back up and running quickly, but business continuity is better served by being prepared for the unknown. Our team of solution architects can help your company streamline what you’re doing today in the event of a disaster, as well as prepare you for the future. Downtime can be a minor inconvenience or completely destroy your business – either way it’s bad for business. Vilis Systems Disaster Recovery Plans can minimize interruptions to your business and help ensure your mission-critical needs are always met. With the vast number of storage vendors we work with, we can design a solution specifically to meet your needs and budget. Vilis Systems can provide you with a large number of options such as used and refurbished equipment, to leasing and hardware rentals which help lower the cost to you to ensure your business continuity.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Migration Made Easy
Data center migration is never an easy task, but any time you have an infrastructure change, moving data is a necessity. The experts at Vilis SYstems can alleviate the stress of complicated or large-scale moves, and tackle issues that may arise. Vilis Systems is here to help minimize downtime and ease the transition by minimizing lease and maintenance overlaps, lowering labor expenses, and accelerating the process for minimal disruption to your business.

What’s the Right SAN for You?
The benefits of a SAN are simple – but the decision to implement a SAN isn’t always simple. At Vilis Systems, our storage architects work closely with you to determine the perfect SAN design and deployment strategy to satisfy your organizational and application requirements.

Time for a Tune-up?
Similar to a car that’s over 100k miles, IT hardware needs periodic tune-ups to keep it running optimally. Vilis Systems can identify areas of your IT infrastructure that need tuning and take action to prevent the need for a complete overhaul. Sometimes parts need replaced and Vilis Systems has you covered with our flexible terms, vast number of vendors, and the option of new or used/refurbished equipment.

Custom-Tailored Solutions
Vilis Systems understands that all customers have different needs whether it be different levels of necessary expertise, different budgets, or different timelines. That’s why Vilis Systems offers flexible consulting terms to provide you with the assistance you need, in the areas you need, when you need it.