NetApp FAS3160 Universal Storage System

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Do more for your business than you thought possible with a storage system. Choose our FAS3100 for its flexibility, performance, availability, and responsiveness to growth.
Unlock the full potential of your virtualized servers by enabling virtual machine mobility and offloading the work of data protection. Connect to Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers and clients via standard storage protocols and interfaces.

Our high-availability and disaster recovery solutions help you sleep better at night:

•Low overhead Double Parity RAID-DP offers better data protection and capacity utilization than RAID 5 and RAID 1+0.
•Snapshot helps reduce backup times to minutes.
•SnapRestore recovers point-in-time data, also in minutes.
•SnapManager quickly returns applications to the same point in time as recovered data.

NetApps innovative thin provisioning eliminates stranded storage. And you can make data-in-place upgrades to more powerful FAS systems, running the same Data ONTAP operating system and using the same management tools.All within a unified storage architecture.

NetApp FAS3160 Universal Storage System