Isilon X-Series IQ1920X

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The Isilon IQ X-Series, powered by the OneFS operating system, uses Isilon’s powerful yet simple scale-out storage architecture to speed access to massive amounts of critical data, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity. The Isilon IQ X-Series delivers a flexible solution to accelerate your high-concurrent and sequential-throughput applications. In addition, with SSD technology for file-system metadata, the Isilon X-Series significantly accelerates namespace intensive operations.

Agility and Flexibility: The Isilon X-Series is the first scale-out storage solution capable of scaling from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes and up to 45 gigabytes per second (GBps) of throughput, all within a single file system. On-the-fly scaling enables your organization to quickly grow capacity and performance linearly or independently, for ultimate agility.

Simplicity: Isilons modular architecture and intelligent software make deployment and management simple. Once racked, you can have an X-Series cluster online in less than 10 minutes, without time-consuming, expensive integration services. An X-Series cluster provides a single pool of storage with a global namespace, eliminating the need to support multiple volumes and file systems.

High Efficiency: Isilon scale-out storage delivers much higher utilization rates than traditional NAS or SAN storage over 80 percent versus 50 percent for competing solutions. That translates into greater overall efficiency, resulting in lower acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs. Low power consumption and maximum density further ensure the ultra-low overhead of Isilon storage. The Isilon IQ X-Series provides the performance, scalability, and agility to conquer your storage challenges.

Isilon X-Series IQ1920X