Isilon IQ Accelerator



Ultimate performance. Its what all businesses strive for. Whether that means powering ever-more demanding workflows and computing environments, driving productivity improvements or fully unlocking the value of enterprise datacenters, as the amount and importance of file-based data continues to grow unabated, the need for ultimate storage performance grows right along with it.

The Isilon IQ Accelerator was designed to enable enterprises with high performance storage requirements to meet their most demanding challenges by modularly and cost-effectively scaling single-stream performance to more than 400 MB/second and throughput of over 45 gigabytes per second (GBps), all at one-third the cost of traditional storage systems.

Isilon IQ Accelerator is an ideal solution for demanding performance environments that require the ability to scale performance independent of capacity. Some features include:

  • Unmatched Performance: As workflows and applications demand more from enterprise storage solutions, high single-stream throughput and I/O will play an increasingly important role in meeting those challenges. Isilon Accelerator nodes achieve industry-leading single-stream throughput of more than 400 MB/second based on a combination of dual-quad core Intel processors and high speed 10 gigabit Ethernet client connectivity. Furthermore, Accelerator can improve transaction I/O by supporting up to 32 GB of cache in a single Accelerator.
  • Ready for the Next-Generation Enterprise Datacenter: 10 Gigabit Ethernet Front-End Networking provides an ideal integration point for next generation 10GigE enterprise networks and for workflows that require a high performance conduit into storage.
  • Value: In addition to being one-third the cost of traditional storage systems, Accelerator nodes power productivity enhancements and ensure investment protection through interoperability with existing Isilon platform nodes.

Powered by the latest generation of Isilons OneFS operating system, IQ Accelerator nodes can be seamlessly added to any existing Isilon IQ X-Series or S-series storage cluster on the fly, in less than 15 seconds. This ability to independently add processing power, memory, bandwidth, and parallel read and write access to a single file system and fully symmetric storage cluster stands in stark contrast to the limitations of traditional storage and namespace aggregation technologies. These legacy approaches are difficult to manage and fail to aggregate total throughput across a unified storage system.

As with Isilon IQ platform storage nodes, users and applications connect to Isilon IQ Accelerator nodes via Gigabit Ethernet using standard networking protocols such as NFS, CIFS, HTTP, and FTP. In addition, Isilons built-in SmartConnect software ensures the highest performance by automatically load balancing client connections across all nodes. Isilon IQ Accelerator nodes further enhance Isilons industry-leading performance and reliability by accelerating cluster operations such as disk and node rebuilds, file striping, and SyncIQ file-based replication.

Isilon IQ Accelerator