Dell EMC CX3-80 Network Storage System

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Dell EMC CX3-80 is the largest, most powerful storage array in the CX3 series. Based on the Dell EMC CX3 UltraScale architecture, Dell EMC CX3 model 80 provides high-performance, high-capacity networked storage that is designed to handle data-intensive workloads and large consolidation projects.

With the CX3 model 80, you can meet your needs today and scale easily to 471TB to handle future growth. Get the five 9s availability (99.999 percent) your business needs. Wizard-driven software capabilities make daily management easy. Advanced functionality protects your data.

Tap eight 4 Gbps Fibre Channel ports and up to 256 highly available, dual-connected hosts.

Dell EMC CX3-80 Network Storage System