Dell EMC CX3-20 Network Storage System

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Dell EMC CX3-20 offers flexible networked storage that’s ideal for mail/messaging, databases, and distributed applications. With Dell EMC CX3 model 20, you get a powerful networked storage system based on the Dell EMC CX3 UltraScale architecture. It scales seamlessly up to 111TB of capacity so you can consolidate more applications.

Get the price/performance and five 9s availability (99.999 percent) that your applications need. Wizard-driven software capabilities make daily management easy. Advanced functionality protects your data from unexpected events.

Tap four 4 Gbps Fibre Channel and eight 1 Gbps iSCSI host ports, or a Fibre Channel-only configuration with twelve 4 Gbps host ports.

Dell EMC CX3-20 Network Storage System