Configure Gateway using CLI without a Reboot with a Brocade 12000 Director

Recently, we had one of our customers call us with an interesting problem configuring their Brocade 12000 Director. They needed to perform a change on their gateway but using the web GUI would force a reboot on the entire director, which was out of question at the time. I threw out a few ideas and decided to try the CLI via the serial port. I didn’t have a Brocade 12000 Director in my lab but I did have a newer DS-4100B fibre switch.

I got my laptop out and setup the switch for the test. After a few minutes wasted resetting the password back to default (I hate when I forget passwords on things!) I was into the CLI.

Brocade 12000 Director CLIHere is what a defaulted switch should look like after it boots. First step is to simply log in. Log in using:

Username: admin

Password: password

Then press Control-C since this is a test box and security is not a concern.

Using the “ipaddrshow” command we can make the needed adjustment.

Brocade 12000 Director CLIThese are the defaulted settings for the switch. It will go one by one, allowing you to make any changes. I entered through until “Gateway IP Address:” came up, entered in the desired Gateway IP and entered through the rest. The switch didn’t require a full system reboot and it was finished making the adjustment in a few short seconds.
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