Xyratex OneStor SAS Storage Systems



OneStor is a modular, standards-based architecture which enables storage and server OEMs to develop products tailored for their customers unique application needs. The highly successful Xyratex OneStor family of storage systems can be easily incorporated into SAN, NAS or DAS topologies and include many advanced features:

• SBB 2.0 compatibility
• Genesis Enclosure Management (GEM) software
• Staggered disk spin-up
• Individual drive power control
• Self-monitoring
• Highly efficient power and cooling

Particular family members focus on performance, capacity and cost-effectiveness while utilizing the benefits of common architectures and Field Replaceable Units (FRUs).

The Xyratex OneStor family of storage systems offers a series of building blocks for Xyratex customers. It provides a wide range of options, covering capacity, performance, form factor and IOPS, thus accommodating the most demanding implementations of our customers.

Xyratex advancing 6Gb/s SAS

The Xyratex implementation of 6Gb/s SAS offers a number of significant improvements to 3Gb/s SAS over and above the doubling of the data transfer rate from 3 Gb/s to 6Gb/s. These include support and capabilities for longer cable lengths, active cables, universal ports, self configuration, and standardized zoning. Xyratex supports 6Gb/s SAS in end-to-end configurations providing an effective maximum throughput of 7.2 GB/s per I/O module or 14.4 GB/s in a dual controller configuration, enough to support the highest performing solid state storage devices.

Xyratex OneStor SAS Storage Systems