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Cost Effective and Easy to Manage Archive for Persistent Data

SGI COPAN 400M manges of persistent data. COPAN 400M presents a standard disk interface for persistent data-aware applications. Based on the COPAN Enterprise MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) platform, COPAN 400M offers the reliability and responsiveness of disk at a fraction of the cost of transactional storage, all with the ease of managing up to 1.8PB* of data in a compact storage footprint.

The MAID Advantage

COPAN 400M takes full advantage of Enterprise MAID, whereby only those disks that contain requested data by a specific application are powered on, and then are powered off when they are not needed. This makes SGI COPAN storage extremely energy efficient significantly reducing the power consumption of the storage system by up to 75%. Economical design allows, the 1.8PB rack to fit into just 10ft.2 of floor space.

Ease of Integration with Disk-Based Persistent Data-Aware Applications

COPAN 400M can be integrated with tiered virtualization solutions like SGIs DMF to more deeply extend the advantages of MAID technology deeper into the workflow. This further unlocks the power of MAID technology to flexibly deliver database tiering, asynchronous replication, file system migration, and disk-to-disk backups.