RamSan-6300 SSD Storage System

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The key measure of the RamSan-6300’s capabilities is its ability to sustain extreme IOPS even with mixed read/write workloads. Most other hard disk drive (HDD) solutions suffer significant performance degradation from either random access patterns or write accesses. A RamSan-6300 will deliver better sustained “real world” application performance than any other Flash SSD.


The RamSan-6300 can connect directly to servers or through Storage Area Networks (SAN) using Fibre Channel or InfiniBand interfaces. By leveraging direct attached and SAN architectures, the RamSan-6300 offers some important advantages, such as:

  • Shareability
  • Redundancy
  • Ability to provision the exact SSD capacity that an application requires
  • Centralized management.


In order to meet enterprise reliability requirements, the RamSan-6300 includes three layers of Flash memory protection. The first layer is an ECC circuit that detects and corrects single bit errors. The second layer is the use of a modified RAID-5 algorithm to ensure that the failure of a Flash memory chip does not result in data corruption. The third layer, Active Spare, protects against a card failure.

RamSan-6300 SSD Storage System