RamSan-500 SSD Storage System

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The RamSan-500s cached Flash design delivers unprecedented high read performance and large capacity storage at a price point that makes solid state disks more affordable than ever before. Compared to a similar capacity high-end hard disk-based RAID system, the RamSan-500 can deliver in excess of sixteen times the performance while using 50% less power.

The RamSan-500s cached Flash design utilizes the fastest RAM memory to create a large, performance-boosting cache for the high capacity, lower cost Flash-based storage. Available in one or two terabyte capacities in a 4U rack mount chassis, the RamSan-500 delivers 100,000 I/Os per second (IOPS) and two gigabytes per second of sustained random read or write bandwidth and yet only consumes 250 Watts of power. The system can be SAN or NAS-attached with eight 4-gigabits per second Fibre Channel ports. Multiple RamSan-500s can be combined to deliver additional high-performance capacity.

Increasing performance and I/O requirements in markets such as OLTP, data warehousing, and video editing/streaming are driving a need for solid state storage solutions like the RamSan-500. These SSDs are deployed to accelerate software applications and network file systems. With solid state disks, applications can accommodate more concurrent users and simultaneous transactions, while being more economical than adding monolithic RAID, servers, RAM, or constant application tuning.

RamSan-500 SSD Storage System