RamSan-300 RAM Storage System

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Texas Memory Systems developed the RamSan-300 with the goal of providing an enterprise solid state disk with entry-level pricing. The RamSan-300 meets these objectives by inheriting most of its components from the RamSan-400 enterprise SSD, including the same memory boards, Fibre Channel controllers, batteries, fans, power supplies, and backup hard disk drives.

The RamSan-300 offers a lower cost alternative to our larger capacity and higher performing RamSan-400 and RamSan-440 models. Recent studies have shown that 95% of the worlds stored data is accessed infrequently, and 66% is accessed only once. This suggests that the performance of even large databases can be significantly improved by accelerating only a small fraction of the files. The RamSan-300 is well-suited to handle small databases, metadata storage, log and transaction files, and database indices. It offers a low cost, low risk solution to application performance challenges that plague large and small businesses alike.