Infortrend ESVA E60 iSCSI SAN

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Optimize Your Returns on Investment

With storage virtualization technology, the capacity and computing power of multiple ESVA systems can be consolidated into a storage pool. For the most efficient utilization of pooled storage capacity and bandwidth, ESVA systems support thin-provisioning and an intelligent access prioritizing mechanism on their virtual architecture. With these features, storage utilization can be optimized and applications can achieve their ideal service levels. The ESVA delivers advanced technologies to make the most of your storage investments.

Simplify Your Storage Infrastructure

ESVA simplifies storage management by enabling a single point of administration. Scaling the storage pool is also a very easy task, and can be done without service disruption. If you want to increase capacity and performance at the same time, you can scale out the virtualized foundation by adding additional ESVA systems. When a new system is added, the distributed load balancing technology will dynamically balance workloads among storage systems and increase processing power.

Maximize Your Application Productivity

In the competitive business world, downtime not only causes profit loss but can inflict damage on corporate reputations. The revolutionary architecture of the ESVA eliminates planned downtime for storage scaling. To support business continuity, it also comes with storage-based replication capabilities. Local replication offers snapshot images and full data copies in a single storage pool, while remote replication enables users to deploy full data copies across storage pools. You enjoy the highest data availability and minimized service downtime in the event of logical or physical errors.

Advanced Hardware Designs

All ESVA arrays are based on High Availability (HA) design to achieve high fault-tolerant capability. Main hardware modules come in redundant pairs to prevent single point of failure. Infortrend enriches the ESVA Series with power saving designs, such as intelligent drive spin down and high-efficiency power supplies, cutting down energy expenses for companies and contributing to environmental sustainability

Infortrend ESVA E60 iSCSI SAN