Infortrend EonStor DS iSCSI S16E

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High-Availability SAN Delivers Great Price-Performance

Data availability is critical to any business operation. Infortrend EonStor DS storage solution features high-availability hardware designs with redundant, hot-swappable hardware components, such as RAID controllers, power supplies and cooling fans to eliminate single point of failure. Hardware RAID protection ensures data accessibility during drive failure. In the event of a power outage, Battery Backup Unit (BBU) would automatically supply power to retain cached data for up to 72 hours. To protect valuable data sets against more critical threats, EonStor DS also supports storage-based snapshot and volume copy/mirror. Data availability can be achieved with minimal downtime in case of human errors or data volume failure by employing the EonStor DS snapshot and volume copy/mirror features. Leveraging Infortrend’s world class RAID engine, EonStor DS storage solution delivers breakthrough performance for today’s online applications and economy.

Flexible Scalability

The EonStor DS storage solution supports dynamic scaling to aid in the planning for future storage growth while satisfying the current storage needs. Flexible drive type and capacity support (SAS, SATA and various drive sizes) allows for the accommodation of current application needs while future proofs to support tomorrow’s applications. EonStor DS S16E storage solution can be expanded up to 80 drives to meet the proliferation of storage growth. The scale as you grow” flexibility of the EonStor DS storage solution minimizes the upfront investment and provides the best overall Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA).

Intuitive and Easy Management

Storage management should be simple. The EonStor DS storage solution includes a comprehensive management software suite, SANWatch, to centrally manage multiple EonStor DS subsystems over a standard TCP/IP network. EonStor DS status and event information summary can be viewed on the portal window. Necessary functions to configure, manage and monitor the EonStor DS are only a few clicks away. Besides providing all firmware features through a user-friendly GUI, SANWatch also supports script-based configuration of multiple EonStor DS subsystems simultaneously. Automatic critical event notifications can be customized to suit the most critical storage environment. SANWatch will guide users through initializing, configuring and maintaining the EonStor DS every step of the way.

High Energy Efficiency

Contributing to environmental sustainability, the EonStor DS storage solution enables energy cost-savings while maintaining performance. It is equipped with power saving designs such as high efficiency power supplies and intelligent multi-level drive spin-down technology

Infortrend EonStor DS iSCSI S16E