HDS NAS Platform 3200 Storage System

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The Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc 3000 Series, provides an intelligent, service oriented architecture that allows organizations to gain new levels of storage performance, scalability and reliability. The Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform offers scalable solutions for enterprise-class consolidation and high-performance applications as well as effective file server consolidation solutions and advanced feature sets for midsized organizations.

With industry leading scalability, the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform consolidates and manages up to four petabytes (PB) of Fibre Channel and SATA storage in a single shared storage pool that can be connected to external archive devices. In addition, the Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform is designed for highly efficient content indexing and intelligent file tiering that enable policy-based migration of data and content among storage and archive tiers.

The combinations of features, storage capacity and performance scalability available in the 3100 and 3200 models make the 3000 Series ideal for applications from NAS or file server consolidation to high-performance storage for virtual machine environments and high-performance computing applications. The 3100 model is an effective file server consolidation solution for midsized organizations, and the 3200 model is a scalable solution for enterprise-
class consolidation and high-performance applications. Both models offer enhanced high availability as well as intelligent file tiering features and advanced content management integration that simplify data reorganization, classification, movement and protection.

HDS NAS Platform 3200 Storage System