Fujitsu Eternus DX90 SAN Storage System

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The ETERNUS DX90 delivers the same enterprise-class functionality, power efficiency, and high availability as the DX80 while expanding fibre channel connectivity to eight 8Gb FC ports and supporting remote replication between DX90 storage systems. The DX90 was designed for remote offices, distributed applications, and cost-sensitive enterprise application environments that are concerned about data protection along with cost-effective Disaster Recovery solutions. The ETERNUS DX90 provides an attractive solution offering great ROI, featuring fully redundant, highly available storage with advanced enterprise-class features.

Mobilize Your Data

The safety of your data is paramount from your hardware refresh to Business Continuity Solutions. That’s why BakBone’s NetVault Replicator delivers the right solution for your data mobility requirements with ETERNUS. Experience great ROI value with ETERNUS DX90 and BakBone NetVault Replicator for real-time byte-level replication.

Fujitsu Eternus DX90 SAN Storage System