EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 950 Enterprise Networked Storage System

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The DMX-3 delivers massive consolidation combining all the benefits of tiered storage and backup-to-disk in one system. And it offers the flexibility to address the changing needs of your business quickly and effectively. For the most demanding storage environments, Symmetrix DMX-3 provides a powerful solution that’s also remarkably simple to manage. Rely on Symmetrix Management Console an intuitive browser-based graphical interface that simplifies system management, replication processes, and monitoring.

For high-end capabilities and constant availability in a small package, choose the Symmetrix DMX-3 950, which expands from 32 to 360 drives. Its efficient, small-footprint design saves space while significantly reducing energy costs. For the ultimate in scalability, Symmetrix DMX-3 series systems scale from 96 up to 2,400 drives. Select from a range of Fibre Channel drives to match your needs from low cost to ultra-high performance. And it’s easy to increase performance as your requirements change online and without disruption.