EMC CLARiiON CX500 Network Storage System

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Used / Refurbished EMC CX500 Pricing, Installation, Maintenance & Support

Vilis Systems offers the best deals on used and refurbished EMC CX500 storage equipment. Either click on the Price Quote or Support Quote buttons above or call us at 952-314-5905 to get assistance from one of our solution architects today. If you’re looking to sell your EMC CX500, we have a great asset recovery program to help you get the most out of your idle IT storage equipment. We offer EMC CX500 Support & Maintenance for hardware you already own and newly purchased equipment from Vilis Systems for up to 5 years. Our EMC experts are also able to help you with the installation of any EMC CLARiiON solution.

EMC CLARiiON CX500 Storage Overview

Designed for demanding application environments, the EMC CLARiiON CX500 networked storage system delivers the advanced functionality of the top-of-the-line EMC CLARiiON CX700—in a mid-sized solution. The CX500 scales up to 38 TBs capacity in just 25U of rack space. And with flexible configuration options, you can deploy a mix of high-performance Fibre Channel and cost-effective ATA drives to meet your requirements.

Based on a proven seventh-generation architecture, the CX500 offers the mid-tier’s most scalable and reliable system for storage consolidation. With Fibre Channel SAN support for up to 128 dual-connected hosts, the CX500 mid-tier storage system scales to meet the requirements of the most challenging application environments. And with CLARiiON’s high-end functionality and unparalleled investment protection, competitive solutions just cant compare. Simple management and high-end functionality.

With the CX500, you get all the advanced software functionality you need to ensure that your storage infrastructure is managed efficiently, always highly available—and protected from the unexpected:

  • Easily discover, configure, manage, and monitor all aspects of your CLARiiON system with the EMC Navisphere Management Suite.
  • Benefit from unique CLARiiON FLARE operating environment capabilities such as online LUN expansion and new virtual LUN technology—which enables dynamic migration of volumes within the CLARiiON CX500 system for improved performance and capacity utilization.
  • Increase application availability while reducing backup windows with EMC SnapView.
  • Ensure information is protected from system and site failures with EMC MirrorView.
  • Provide high-speed data mobility between CLARiiON CX series and other supported storage systems with EMC SAN Copy.

Unparalleled investment protection.

Unlike any competing product, the CX500 safeguards your investment with consistent software capabilities among generations, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades—and by continuously offering new functionality designed to work with both new and existing systems. And the CX500 is qualified with a wide range of server operating environments: Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, AIX, HP, and Tru64. NEBS certification, DC-powered operation.

With NEBS Level-3 certification—and new, DC-powered configurations—CX500 systems provide an ideal solution for telecommunications central-office or mobile deployments requiring CLARiiON-class reliability and availability—with the capability of DC-powered operation. The industrys top-rated service and support.

The CLARiiON CX500 networked storage system offers the highest bandwidth, the largest capacity, and the best economics in its class. The CX500 easily outperforms the competition with four times the CPU power and 4GB of cache. Plus, it offers twice the disk capacity so you can scale from 5 to 120 drives in just 25U of rack space.

EMC CLARiiON CX500 Network Storage System