Dell PowerEdge R910

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Weve designed the Dell PowerEdge R910 for reliability, incorporating features such as Intel advanced reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) capabilities; redundant power supplies; remote IDRAC6 connectivity; and embedded diagnostics. Internal Dual SD Module provides failover at the hypervisor a reliability feature designed with direct input from Dell customers.

Our focus on reliability starts with product design and ends only when weve delivered by following a proven set of processes with rigorous validation. With the PowerEdge R910, we work to ensure reliability through:

  • Employing robust validation and testing processes to ensure peerless product design
  • Verifying that each supplier meets Dells stringent quality standards
  • Utilizing robust, durable industrial materials to enable longer product lifecycles
  • Introducing a Unified Server Configurator (USC), which helps to minimize downtime by offering embedded and persistent diagnostics with no media required
  • Incorporating customer-inspired features, such as dual internal SD modules that provide failover at the hypervisor
  • Implementing a “one-touch” quality-control process designed to ensure that one person is responsible for the entire server build
  • Ensuring that every fully configured Dell server is tested and retested before it leaves the factory

Dell PowerEdge R910