Dell EMC CX4-480 Network Storage System

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Dell EMC CX4-480 provides high-capacity networked storage that meets the needs of demanding OLTP workloads and large-scale e-mail environments. With the CX4-480, you can scale seamlessly up to 960TB of storage capacity and consolidate two times the workload in one array than any other storage provider.

Benefit from proven Dell EMC’s five 9s availability and innovative technologies like fully automated storage tiering, Flash drives, virtual provisioning, 64-bit operating system, and multi-core processors. Enjoy UltraFlex technology, which gives you dual-protocol, online-expandable connectivity options, and the ability to integrate future technologies. And leverage advanced CX4 functionality to protect your data from unexpected events and decrease energy use.

Leverage flexible connectivity options, online expansion, and the ability to integrate future technologies.