Cybernetics miSAN D Series iSCSI SAN



The top of Cybernetics miSAN D Series line delivers 32 TB of virtual storage on 16 SATA disk drives in just 3U of rack space with throughput of up to 500 MB/s. It connects to your Ethernet network and provides true block level capacity to heterogeneous servers and workstations, on demand, through an
intuitive management interface accessible via web browser. Its as simple as DAS, but offers the compelling cost and energy savings associated with storage virtualization. And with 5 GbE ports, up to 4 GB cache, and the ability to sustain 150,000 IOPS, miSAN D has the horsepower to handle the most demanding environments.

miSAN is completely self-protecting. SANDR Technology, available only from Cybernetics, provides layers of data protection all without third party software. Snapshot backup, portable disk backup, tape backup, and encrypted, deduplicated WAN replication are all included at the disk storage level, saving you thousands of dollars in software and licensing expenses. For high availability, dual units can be configured as master and live replica with automatic failover. With all the cost benefits of virtualization and SANDR Technology, a fully redundant solution with no single point of failure is within reach of most organizations.