Brocade M6140 Director

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Brocade M6140 Director: 140-Ports | 1 to up to 10 Gbit/sec

The Brocade M6140 Director is a high-performing, flexible building block for today’s very large, data-dependent enterprises. It is the only single-stage, 140-port director that will support transfer rates of 1 to up to 10 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel, so it can meet a wide range of application performance needs. The high port concentration of the Brocade M6140 translates into less complicated connectivity, management and deployment, and its carrier-class availability (99.999%), supports the most critical business requirements. In particular, the Brocade M6140:

  • Adds capacity in 4-port increments (up to 140 ports/unit) for cost-effective scalability
  • Supports FICON and Fibre Channel traffic simultaneously
  • Supports N_Port Virtualization (NPIV)
  • Simplifies management of heterogeneous environments with robust management software
  • Enables non-disruptive code activation
  • Improves application throughput with consistent latency and bandwidth
  • Provides superior throughput and response times over distance

Brocade M-EOS fabrics including the Brocade M6140 support native interoperability with Brocade Fabric OS-based Brocade 48000 Directors.

Brocade 10 Gbit/sec XPM Blade

The Brocade 10 Gbit/sec XPM Blade upgrades your existing m 6000 Series Director to a blazing 10 Gbit/sec – the highest performance available today. Cut costs, optimize usage of your existing Fibre Channel lines, and increase data traffic distances for BC/DR implementations with 10 Gbit/sec blade.

  • Simplify infrastructure by reducing the number of ISLs
  • Intermix with 2 and 4Gbit/sec blades in your m6064 or M6140 Director
  • Work with Brocade Open Trunking

Brocade 4 Gbit/sec QPM Blade

Increase link speeds between existing Brocade M6140 directors to 4 Gbit/sec – without replacing switches. The Brocade 4 Gbit/sec QPM Blade is the cost-effective and non-disruptive way for Brocade M6140 Director users to buy the capacity they need when they need it.

  • Shortens backup times, meeting the bandwidth needs of data-intensive applications
  • Simplifies network by reducing the number of ISLs
  • Intermixes with 2 Gbit/sec and 10 Gbit/sec blades

Brocade Director Service & Part Numbers

  • Brocade M6140 Director
  • Brocade Mi10K Director
  • Brocade 48000 Director
Brocade M6140 Director