3PAR InServ T400 Storage Server

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With the introduction of the 3PAR InServ T400 and T800 Storage Servers with Thin Built In, 3PAR is the first storage vendor to incorporate thin capabilities into array hardware. The 3PAR Gen3 ASIC in each T-Class Controller Node provides a hyper-efficient, silicon-based engine that drives simple, on-the-fly storage optimizations to maximize capacity utilization while delivering high service levels. The revolutionary innovations of the T-Class more than double the performance of the previous generation of InServ arrays to make the T-Class the fastest, most efficient single-system array on the planet.

Resilient Agility for Less
The internal, array-based virtualization approach of 3PAR Utility Storage enables the InServ T-Class arrays to cut Total Cost of Data by up to 50% while giving you the agility to respond instantly to changing business demands. T-Class arrays make these results possible by cutting SAN, capacity, energy, and floor space costs by up to 75%, increasing administrative efficiency by 10x, and eliminating the need for array-specific professional services. Designed from the ground up to overcome the limitations of midrange and monolithic arrays, 3PAR Utility Storage offers a smart, thin, and ready tiered-storage solution for resilient utility computing.